Wednesday, October 28, 2009

INK returns to Annapolis at Rams Head!

Just Announced! INK Filmmakers, Writer/Director Jamin Winans and Producer/Production designer Kiowa Winans will be appearing at the this screening and will do a Q&A after the screening!
More details SOON!

The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society is proud to announce the return of "INK," an independent film by Jamin Winans -- screening at Rams Head On S
tage on Monday, November 30th!

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The Buzz on "INK"

"INK" has become one of the most talked about independent films of the year. Not because of some studio hype that pretends it is "The Blair Witch Project," but because film fans are discovering "INK" in screenings like ours and like a pearl in an oyster, they treasure the find and spread the news about this remarkable, ambitious Steampunk masterpiece."

- Pericles Lewnes Filmmaker/Curator The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society

Film geeks, there is a new "it" movie – INK.

It is not easy to fully convey the experience of this
film in words, because it is so visual, has such a complicated
narrative, and looks and feels so different than anything else I've seen.

-Copernicus - AINT IT COOL NEWS

...INK asks a serious question, “Are we who we think
we are, or are we who we have thepotential to be?” This is an adult movie, both
visually and thematically. On the surface, it is smart and complex, but buried beneath the mesmerizing texture and tightly knit narrative is a simple concept; it is here that fairy tale and reality meld seamlessly together.

...Ink is ambitious in its attempt to impart wisdom, and in each case it is successful in its subtlety. Ink will surely warrant second and third viewings;
but first, it needs the attention it deserves so that more people will have the chance to witness the early work of one of our next great filmmakers.
- Drew Gohlberg - FANGORIA

What a wonderful world it is when a group of filmmakers can create something as
beautifully sublime as INK. It is simply a tale of a father and daughter. Yet there

is nothing simple about Ink. An absolutely striking fairy tale that will linger long after viewing, it is deeply felt and such a happily inventive film that will move you and do all the things a great motion picture should do. My rating 9.5/10
- JimmyO

... it’s difficult to describe in words. This is a movie that needs to be seen, and it’s a film that deserves to be celebrated.

-Film School Rejects

The cinematic influences are almost too numerous to mention in the assured action fantasy "Ink," including Terry Gilliam and Guillermo del Toro, with liberal helpings of David Lynch and the Wachowski brothers. But they rarely detract from the fact that Denver-based writer-directorJamin Winans can whip up confidently atmospheric visuals on a tiny budget.

...there's a rapacious DIY showmanship at work here reminiscent of the calling-card chutzpah Robert Rodriguez and Peter Jackson showed inscrappier, pre-blockbuster days.

- Robert Abele -
Los Angeles Times

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Thank you for your interest in Independent Film and thank you for your involvement.

Kindest Regards,
Pericles Lewnes
Curator - The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society.

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